Benefits of Reflexology Treatments in Rancho Mirage and La Quinta, CA at Footloose Reflexology


Reflexology vs. Massage

Foot Massage - Reflexology Treatment in La Quinta, CA
Reflexology is not the same as massage. The two treatments use different techniques to relax your body and to help achieve optimum health. There are pressure points on the hands and feet that correspond with all of the different parts of the body. Footloose Reflexology uses pressure point treatments to lessen pain and improve blood circulation. In addition, reflexology stimulates the nervous system and improves the health of your glands and organs.
Massage, on the other hand, works outside your body with the musculature and skin and concentrates on large muscle groups for tension relief, circulation improvement and muscle relaxation. A massage therapist will use hands, thumbs and sometimes forearms and elbows to relax tight muscles. Massage provides pain relief, relaxation and stress reduction.

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